International Conference of the Hungarian Laboratory Animal Association, 25. May 2017

Timi and Eszti have participated at the International Conference of the Hungarian Laboratory Animal Association, organized at the University of Veterinary Medicine (Budapest).

Timi presenting her poster about an in vitro toxicological test system based on zebrafish sperm analysis

Eszti presenting her poster about vitrification of zebrafish spermatogonia


Video protocol for zebrafish testis vitrification

During the previous period, we have prepared a video protocol for the video journal JoVE https://www.jove.com/ regarding vitrification of zebrafish testis. This publication is supported by the COST Action FA 1205 AQUAGAMETE https://aquagamete.webs.upv.es/ It was a really nice and new experience for the whole team. 


New paper accepted in Cryobiology

A new paper with the authorship of Jelena Lujić was accepted for publication in Cryobiology, entitled `First successful vitrification of salmonid ovarian tissue`

LujićJ., Marinović Z., Sušnik Bajec S., Djurdjevič I., Kása E., Urbányi B., HorváthÁ. 2017. First successful vitrification of salmonid ovarian tissue.Cryobiology, in press. DOI: 10.1016/j.cryobiol.2017.04.005


Due to a lack of cryopreservation protocols for fish eggs and embryos, alternative techniques which will enable storage of female genetic resources are crucial for future development of reproduction management in conservation biology and aquaculture. Experiments were conducted to develop an optimal vitrification protocol for cryopreservation of brown trout Salmo trutta juvenile ovarian tissue. Needle immersed vitrification (NIV) method was used where ovaries were pinned on an acupuncture needle, passaged through equilibration and vitrification solutions containing different combinations and concentrations of methanol (MeOH), propylene glycol (PG) and dimethyl sulfoxide (Me2SO) and subsequently plunged into liquid nitrogen. Vitrification solutions containing equal cryoprotectant concentrations (3M Me2SO and 3M PG) yielded the highest oogonia survival rates (up to 40%) and qualitatively and quantitatively un-altered perinucleolar follicles. The method developed for brown trout could be applied to the conservation of female genetic resources of other salmonid species, including endangered and endemic species or populations.


New paper accepted in Aquaculture

A new paper with the authorship of Ákos Horváth was accepted for publication in Aquaculture, entitled Cryobanking of aquatic species.

Sonia Martínez-Páramo, Ákos Horváth, Catherine Labbé, Tiantian Zhang, Vanesa Robles, Paz Herráez, Marc Suquet, Serean Adams, Ana Viveiros, Terrence R. Tiersch, Elsa Cabrita- 2017. Cryobanking of aquatic species. Aquaculture, Volume 472, 1 April 2017, Pages 156–177. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.aquaculture.2016.05.042


This review is focused on the applications of genome cryobanking of aquatic species including freshwater and marine fish, as well as invertebrates. It also reviews the latest advances in cryobanking of model species, widely used by the scientific community worldwide, because of their applications in several fields. The state of the art of cryopreservation of different cellular types (sperm, oocytes, embryos, somatic cells and primordial germ cells or early spermatogonia) is discussed focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure according to different applications. A special review on the need of standardization of protocols has also been carried out. In summary, this comprehensive review provides information on the practical details of applications of genome cryobanking in a range of aquatic species worldwide, including the cryobanks established in Europe, USA, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, the species and type of cells that constitute these banks and the utilization of the samples preserved.


Hungarian Molecular Life Sciences 2017

Jelena and Zoran have participated at the conference Hungarian Molecular Life Sciences 2017, organized by Hungarian Biochemical Society and Hungarian Genetical Society in Eger, Hungary, from 31/3/2017 – 2/4/2017.
The new results of our research group were presented by oral presentation:
Lujić J., Marinović Z., Sušnik-Bajec S., Yoshizaki G., Kása E., Urbányi B., Horváth Á. 2017. Germline stem cell cryopreservation and transplantation. [Abstract] Hungarian Molecular Life Sciences 2017, Hungary, 31.3 – 2.4.2017; Eger, pp. 91.

Congress hall 1

Congress hall 2 and poster section

Professional exhibition


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