Researchers' Night 2017

The Department of Aquaculture participated at the Researchers' Night on the 29th September. Among many programs, the young researcher candidates had a chance to learn about fish anatomy in a playful way.

Réka, Eszti and Csabi with the kids

Csabi showing the organs of a fish

living catfish vs fish organs in tubes :)


Trip to Tokyo

In the period between September 16th and 26th Jelena and Zoran were in Tokyo in their second visit to the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and the lab of prof. Goro Yoshizaki. 

During this stay they perform some experiments in collaboration with prof. Yoshizaki`s team and participated at the International Symposium `Fisheries Sciences for Future Generations` organized by the Japanese Society of Fisheries Sciences. More than 900 delegates from all over the world attended this Symposium and contributed with 750 presentations during 14 sessions.  It was our pleasure to be part of this outstanding meeting. We would like to thank to prof. Yoshizaki and his team for invitation and good work once again.   
preparation for work

together work with Li san
opening ceremony of the symposium
during the lectures
poster section
poster section
visit to Museum of Marine Science of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
visit to Museum of Marine Science of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
visit to Museum of Marine Science of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology


Eszti defends her PhD dissertation

On Thursday September 14th, Eszti has defended her PhD dissertation entitled "Vitrification of fish spermatozoa and spermatogonia" at the PhD School of Animal Sciences of Szent István University. With this step she has concluded a 4-year process in her development as a professional scientist. The committee has praised Eszti's scientific achievements and outstanding presentation skills. Congratulations Eszti, we are very proud of you!
Eszti during the presentation of her results

The defense committee discussing Eszti's dissertation


6th International Workshop on the Biology of Fish Gametes

Between September 4-7, 2017 we had the pleasure of attending the 6th International Workshop on the Biology of Fish Gametes in České Budějovice and Vodňany, Czech Republic. After 10 years, the workshop has returned to the institution where it had its beginnings. During the meeting, topics related to gametogenesis, gamete and germ cell biology, quality, preservation and omics were discussed. Oral presentations were given by Ákos, Jelena, Gergő, Eszti, Zoran and Timi, while posters were presented by Ákos and Zoran. In addition to these, Ákos also gave a plenary lecture on fish gamete and germ cell preservation. We are especially proud of Zoran who received a prize for the best student oral presentation. Overall, the workshop was a wonderful professional, scientific and social experience, a good opportunity to meet old colleagues and friends and to form new partnerships. We sincerely wish to thank the organizers, Martin, Klára, Míša and all others for the flawless professional work and friendly atmosphere. We are also looking forward to the next meeting in 2019 that will be organized by Catherine Labbé, Julien Bobe and their colleagues in Rennes, France.

Oral presentations by our team:

Jelena Lujić, Zoran Marinović, Simona Sušnik Bajec, Ida Djurdjevič, Aleš Snoj, Béla Urbányi, Ákos Horváth: Interspecific transplantation of brown trout and grayling germ cells into rainbow trout: Conservation of valuable Balkan trout genetic resources

Ákos Horváth: Gamete and germ cell preservation and storage: Perspectives and the reality

Eszter Kása, Gergely Bernáth, Zoltán Bokor, Béla Urbányi, Kinga Katalin Lefler, Dušan Jesenšek, Ákos Horváth: Development of sperm vitrification protocols for endangered ealmonids: Adriatic grayling (Thymallus thymallus) and marble trout (Salmo marmoratus)

Ákos Horváth, Tímea Kollár, Gergely Bernáth, Béla Urbányi, Zsolt Csenki-Bakos, Bernadett Faragó, Katalin Szabó, Csilla Budai, Eszter Losonczi, Judit Cserepes: PTAT preconditioning of zebrafish embryos in order to increase their chilling resistance

Gergely Bernáth, Zsolt Csenki-Bakos, Zoltán Bokor, Levente Várkonyi, József Molnár, Alexandra Kajtár, Tamás Szabó, Ádám Staszny, Árpád Ferincz, Krisztián Szabó, Béla Urbányi, Balázs Csorbai: The effects of different preservation methods on ide (Leuciscus idus) sperm and the longevity of sperm movement

Zoran Marinović, Qian Li, Jelena Lujić, Eszter Kása, Yoshiko Iwasaki, Béla Urbányi, Ákos Horváth, Goro Yoshizaki: Cryopreservation of zebrafish spermatogonia: Slow-rate freezing vs vitrification

Tímea Kollár, Eszter Kása, Árpád Ferincz, Balázs Csorbai, Béla Urbányi, Zsolt Csenki-Bakos, Ákos Horváth: In vitro toxicology test system based on common carp (Cyprinus carpio) sperm analysis


Ákos Horváth, Jelean Lujić, Zoran Marinović, György Hoitsy, Nataša Cvetković, Jovana Lovren, Béla Urbányi: Exploring the possibility of using tiger trout (Salmo trutta × Salvelinus fontinalis) as a recipient for germ cell transplantation

Roman Franěk, Zoran Marinović, Jelena Lujic, Vojtěch Kašpar, Ákos Horváth, Martin Pšenička:  Cryopreservation and transplantation of common carp spermatogonia

Zoran Marinović, Nataša Radojković, Tijana Veličković, Jelena Lujić, Ákos Horváth, Vladica Simić: Subpopulation structure of the Danube barbel Barbus balcanicus sperm before and after cryopreservation

Zoran's certificate of giving the best student oral presentation

the participants of the conference
Ákos during his plenary lecture
Discussion after Ákos`s presentation with one of the chairmen, Juan F. Asturiano
During Zoran`s presentation

Discussion after Zoran`s presentation
Jelena during her presentation
Timi during her presentation
Eszti during her presentation

Eszti answering questions of the audience
Zoran presenting results of collaboration with colleagues from the University of Kragujevac (Serbia)

Jelena and Ákos presenting results during the poster section
Roman Fraňek from the University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic) and Zoran presenting results of our joint collaboration
Always together
During presentations in Vodňany (MEVPIS)

During presentatin in Clarion Hotel (České Budějovice)

Dinner with Spanish and French collegues

Český Krumlov


X Conference of Agronomy students in Serbia

In the period between August 23rd and 25th our new group member, Nataša Cvetković, participated at the Conference of Agronomy students organized by Faculty of Agronomy, University of Kragujevac, Serbia.
Nataša presented her paper titled: “Vitrification of zebrafish Danio rerio testicular tissue” under the Jelena`s supervision. Among around 60 presenters from 11 countries in total, Nataša won the first place in the Master’s degree session.  
Jelena was a member of the Programme Committee of the Conference and also of the Working Group for PhD studies.
We would thank to the organizers for the excellent organizations of all sessions and social events and an always friendly atmosphere. We are looking forward to meet all of you again.
Special thanks to Snežana Tanasković, Simeon Rakonjac, Ivan Glišić, Dalibor Tomić, Goran Marković, Milevica Bojović and Dušan Marković.  

Group photo of all participants
Jelena in the working group for PhD studies with colleagues from Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey and Romania
Nataša presenting her paper
Closing ceremony and Nataša is getting the best paper award
With dear colleagues: Ivan Glišić, Goran Marković, Snežana Tanasković i Gjoko Bunevski
Visit to eco village Koštunići with colleagues from Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro
Gala dinner at the end of the conference