Group members

Dr. Ákos Horváth PhD
Senior scientist 
phone: +36 28 522 000 ext. 2315 (office) 
phone: +36 30 220 3826 (cell) 

My primary area of research is the cryopreservation of fish sperm. I have experience in chromosome set manipulation in fish, fish cytogenetics and marker-assisted breeding. I am currently the leader of projects NKFI (OTKA) 109847 Vitrification of fish sperm and NKFI SNN 116912 Interspecific transplantation of freshwater fish spermatogonia.

Dr. Béla Urbányi

Jelena Lujić, PhD
Post doc, Research fellow
phone: +36 28 522 000 ext. 2329

MTMT: 10055451
My research area is fish biology. During my work I gained experience in conservation biology and water resource management (fish management and water blooms), fish histology and fish sperm and gonad cryopreservation. Currently, I am the leader of project NKFI (OTKA) 124585 "Conservation of female genetic resources in fish".
Jelena Lujić

Gergely Bernáth, PhD
Post doc, Research associate

phone: +36 28 522 000 ext. 2329

Work Experience
· Investigation of reproduction biology in different fish species
· Sperm cryopreservation and quality evaluation in various commercially important and threatened species (Cyprinidae, Acipenseridae, Salmonidae, Percidae, Anguillidae etc.)
· Standardization of protocols in sperm motility assessment using CASA system
· Improvement of cryopreservation methods for practical application
· Basic molecular biology practice (DNA isolation)
· Basic practice in fish parasite taxonomy
· Basic histology practice· Practice in germ cell isolation and cryopreservation

Eszter Kása, PhD

phone: +36 28 522 000 ext. 2329

I have started my PhD studies in 2013, my research subject is the vitrification of fish sperm. From September 2016, I am working on a New Hungarian National Excellence Predoctoral Fellowship program financed by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources.
I have a BSc degree in Animal husbandry (Szent István University, 2010) and an MSc degree in Animal biotechnology (Szent István University, 2013).

Tímea Kollár
PhD student
phone: +36 28 522 000 ext. 2329

I started my PhD studies in 2014, my research subject is the development of toxicological test systems based on fish sperm analysis. Beside this I have experiences in fish sperm cryopreservation as well, mainly in zebrafish. I have a BSc degree in Animal Husbandry (2011) and an MSc degree in Ecotoxicology (2013).

Zoran Marinović, MSc
PhD student

During my work I was engaged in fisheries management and species conservation through ichthyofauna research and ecological modelling. I have a BSc degree in
Molecular Biology (University of Novi Sad, Serbia) and a MSc degree in Biology - Zoology (University of Novi Sad, Serbia). Currently, I am a Stipendium Hungaricum scholar and am working my PhD thesis on fish reproductive biology, cryopreservation and transplantation of fish spermatogonia (project NKFI SNN 116912).   

Group Alumni

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